ULEZ expansion

From 25 October 2021, the existing central London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will expand to create a single larger zone up to, but not including, the North Circular Road (A406) and South Circular Road (A205).

For this there is a £12.50 per day charge to us which means depending on our bookings that you may incur either all or a portion of this charge, you will be told when your booking is confirmed

We are sorry but with our prices being as competitive as they are and small margins we simply cannot absorb it.


From £59* (R134A Gas 500g)

Extra gas charged at £5 per 100 grams

From £109* (R1234YF Gas 500g)

Extra gas charged at £15 per 100 grams

From £POA (R744 Co2 Gas 500g)

What we’ll do:

✓ Multi-point visual and physical check-over
✓ System test & temperature check
✓ Nitrogen pressure test (if required)
✓ Recover all old gas and oil
✓ Vacuum all remaining gas, debris & remove moisture from system
✓ Leak test (basic)
✓ Insert correct amount of gas and oil into system
✓ System re-test and temperature check
✓ Printout of service done to vehicle and handover
✓ Free air conditioning anti-odour ‘bomb’ treatment (October to March)


From £50

This service is for vehicles with small leaks in the air conditioning system losing gas over a period of 1 to 6 month’s it will provide a permanent seal to most small leaks in metal & rubberised parts and components, and has a very good success rate but please note this service is not guaranteed.


From £48 per hour

This is for diagnosing either leaks or component issues plus minor repairs

Terms and Conditions

Auto-Kool are not responsible or liable for any leaks, damage to any air conditioning parts or components, electrical or mechanical failure whatsoever on or after the day of service.


£15 – £20

This is for diagnosing either leaks or component issues plus minor repairs

Anti-bacterial & odour removal treatment of the A/C system and vehicle ventilation system is to remove any harmful bacteria and bad odour which could cause sore throats, infection and flu. It will leave the ventilation system smelling clean and fresh.


From £40

(larger vehicles will take longer and be slightly more expensive)

Ozone Gas

Ozone Gas is a safe, proven and effective agent for sanitization. It is widely used to eliminate bacteria, moulds, fungi, and viruses – including COVID-19.

Eco Friendly

Ozone Gas is produced naturally by nature itself. The Sanity System used technology to create the appropriate level of Ozone Gas to Sanitize the area, leaving the area Sanitised

The car has become a second home to many of us, we use it to transport our family, friends and pets. Over time the car’s interior can accumulate nasty smelling odours, harmful viruses and bacteria from things like cigarette smoke, smelly food, nasty pet odours, mould, sweat, vomit, mucus, saliva, blood and other bodily fluids. Making the car a very unpleasant and harmful environment to be in. Ozone is a very strong oxidant/disinfectant and because it is a gas, can quickly and effectively sanitize passenger vehicles killing germs and any nasty smelling odours, leaving the vehicle in a safer and more pleasant, clean smelling environment to travel in.

Our Ozone generators will deliver a high level of chemical-free sanitizing agents which will quickly penetrate deep into your vehicle’s seats, carpets, headlining and the whole interior, and clean anywhere air current travels, the whole process takes from around 30 minutes to complete.

Our Ozone shock treatment will provide a safer environment for travellers and leave your vehicle smelling clean and fresh, instead of using artificial fragrances some use to mask odours. Ozone treatment is the most effective sanitizing methods available today. It is a green solution because no dangerous chemicals are left behind.

For more details please visit our Ozone & Air Purification page

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